I made this when I was in my break from my job in batam (1 month ) and going home to my beloved house in Bogor. First week is happy time, but another week I feel so stressful. I think it's because I miss working. I miss animate... I am here to animate something. "Make something life!", My mind keep telling me over and over do do something.

Howalaaa! Finally I decided to make this animation. After my sleepless night for a few days, this animation is done. ENJOY!!!

*and if you don't mind, you can give comments or critics for this work. I am always open to it. :)

Animation Training

Animation Training from Yohanes Merci on Vimeo.

This is not my current showreel. Because of the confidential of my current workplace, I cannot uploaded the reel. But, I can show you the hard copy of it.


This is my training animation using Maya software.

Lifting a Box

Liftring box Animation from Yohanes Merci on Vimeo.

This is an animation test that I done when I applied to Infinite Studios Batam. Infinite Studio (was InfiniteFrameworks Studios) began their debut in 2008 by 3D animated movie titled "Sing To The Dawn", after that this studio did series for international clients such as Garfield, Chicken Town and many more.

Fortunately, with this test I accepted as an 3D animator. :)

Final Project 2012 -- password :diamant--

Storiette D'un Diamant from Yohanes Merci on Vimeo.

Finally!! Our hard work has been done! Oh yeah, let's give a little summary. This video is my and my friend, Benno Sanjaya when we are studied in Universitas Multimedia Nusantara. In this project I have job to do the character designs. This is the subject I choose for my essay. But, in practice, realized that just two of us in grup, we done a lot of works in 3D (beside our essay subject of course).
Besides the character designs, I made all of the characters from scratch into ready-to-animate 3D character, and then the environment in this movie, while my partner, Benno, made the script and storyboard and render settings.
We both made the animation and with my best friend Joseph C.M. helped us a lot in this part.

In this final project I learned about riging, especially complex facial rigging in 3Ds max, so we can have much more character expression. Further more, I tried using CAT system in 3Ds Max 2012 that help much in animation, but unfortunatelly, something a character not rig perfectly because there are too much I must do in very limited time. :(

THANK YOU I said to anyone that help us! Enjoy the video! :)

Spoilers --- The story is about 3 aliens that wanted to take something that belong to them in Louvre Museum

And this I show some pages the book I made for the designs of the characters:)


Showreel 2012

Showreel 2012 from Yohanes Merci on Vimeo.

This is my show reel of 2012. Everything in this video I made with 3Ds max software, everything I learn from the collage and some of part time job, and from modeling to rendering, all in one video.. I can't really say much about this video. Let's enjoy the video. :)

Modeling Character for Final Project Animation

Software : 3Ds Max 2012, CAT system, V-ray

Pada tugas akhir kali ini, saya bersama dengan seorang teman yang bernama Benno Sanjaya akan membuat sebuah animasi pendek. Dalam proyek itu saya dipercaya menangani model tokoh, serta model enviroment yang akan digunakan dalam film pendek tersebut. Secara penuh, proyek ini masih dirahasiakan.

3D Interior

Software : 3Ds Max 2011, Mental Ray

Model ruangan ini dibuat untuk mengisi waktu luang liburan di akhir tahun. Selain mengisi waktu luang, dengan ini saya juga belajar untuk mendalamai mental ray rende pada 3Ds max.